About Us

Aukala was born from the hands and spirit of South American artisans, who helped us create a unique brand centered on art and respect for the earth, utilizing ancestral techniques and noble materials to handcraft products that will take people back to their origins.

One of our main goals is to raise awareness about the production processes and the people behind them, forging a link between the garment, the artisan and the final customer.


"We want to be a symbol, a badge that motivates generations to consume responsibly and conscientiously all around the world"


Our work is based on a 5-step process that helps us organize and structure our brand towards our objectives.


1.- Selection: we search for the best artisans out there to expose their art to the world

2.- Formation: We mentor them and show them how we can grow together as a team.

3.- Development: We plan and set objectives for the future to create something worth sharing.

4.- Strategy: We define the strategy and logistics individually to make everything happen.

5.- Execution: We launch their products through our platforms and create the bond with the world.

Our Team

We take people very seriously and understand that is the back bone of our company. Thats why we care about creating a multidisciplinary team that interacts in a transversal way to create a unique and relaxed work environment, always ensuring the well-being and communication of all those involved in the production process.


Our team is divided into 3 main areas:


01.- Craftsmen team

These are the artisans recruited from different regions of South America who pass on the knowledge of generations through their art.

02.- Design team

Seeking to maintain the design standards of our collections through investigation and innovation .

03.- Production team

In charge of the entire logistics of Aukala, making sure our clients and collaborators receive the best treatment possible.


Bernardita Ruiz

Chilean Artist

Our techniques

We truly understand that our value comes from the hands of the artisans helping us keep alive ancestral techniques that are a fundamental aspect of South American culture.

Our purpose is to give all the optimal tools and environment for these artisans to continue doing their job, keeping alive techniques like Eco-print, Nuno felt or Merino wool adaptations.


+ Hand Made

+ Ethical Clothing

+ Fair Trade

+ Slow Fashion

+ Eco Printed

+ Made by Artisans

+ Noble Materials