Welcome to Aukala - Where Craftsmanship Meets Love and Adventure

Aukala isn’t just about hats; it’s a reflection of love, adventure, and the vibrant spirit of Tulum that sparked my journey. It all began when I, Raffaello Criscuoli, along with my friend Rodrigo Gaete, met Catalina Vasquez amidst the enchanting vibes of Tulum. As fate would have it, I fell in love with Catalina, and our shared passion for craftsmanship and style blossomed.

Rodrigo, an architect and digital entrepreneur, and I often immersed ourselves in Tulum’s mystical cenotes and jungle parties where the air was filled with joy and the spirit of celebration. It was in this magical setting that I proposed to Catalina, sealing our commitment in the heart of nature's embrace.

Inspired by these transformative moments, Aukala was born—a brand that cherishes the art of hat-making as a testament to personal style and cultural richness. Each hat crafted by skilled artisans in Tulum embodies our shared vision: to blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary flair, ensuring every stitch and adornment tells a story.

Operating primarily in Miami, Aukala brings the boho-chic culture and lifestyle to the vibrant cityscape. Our hats are more than accessories; they’re statements of individuality, crafted with premium materials and attention to detail. Whether you explore our collection online or visit us in Miami, we strive to make your Aukala experience as memorable and enriching as our journey has been.

Join us in celebrating the rebellion of wearing art. Embrace your unique style with Aukala, where each hat invites you to express yourself boldly and authentically.

Join The Rebellion of Wearing Art