Model in Tulum Jungle Wearing Aukala Hat

Tulum: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Connection

Traveling provides us with valuable opportunities for learning, and taking the time to reflect on our experiences is an exercise I highly recommend. Today, I want to share my thoughts and reflections with you.

As humans, we often carry prejudices, insecurities, and fears within us. These negative aspects of our nature can prevent us from showing our true selves, leading us to put up barriers or walls between one another. It's our ego's way of protecting us from rejection and pain.

What struck me the most during my visit to Tulum, and what I'd like to share with you, is the paradox that exists here. People who come to this mystical place seem to be genuinely open to connecting with others, devoid of barriers and prejudices. There's a sincere interest in getting to know who you truly are. I can't pinpoint the exact source of this energy; perhaps it's the lush jungle, the breathtaking sea, or the unique architecture. Nevertheless, the feeling of connection with others permeates the atmosphere in Tulum.

It's not unusual for strangers to exchange smiles, share a beer, or engage in deeper conversations than usual. However, it's ironic that the name "Tulum" actually means "Wall."

Here lies the lesson I've learned: "No matter where you are or who you're with, life is better lived when your initial disposition towards everything is to break down your own walls and approach others with a genuine interest."

Tulum has taught me that true connection begins when we let go of our own barriers, and it's a lesson I'll carry with me wherever I go.


In conclusion, Tulum's unique spirit, where people come to connect openly and authentically, was the source of inspiration behind the creation of Aukala. It embodies the rebellion of wearing art, the rebellion of connecting with others without barriers, and the courage to make a statement by incorporating a hat into our personal style.

 Raffaello Criscuoli, Co-Founder of Aukala

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